FINCA CRUZ ALTA - take a break!

November 14, 2018, posted in AllgemeinWhy Tenerife

How did we get to Tenerife?

After 25 years in the computer industry, where you usually invest a lot of time in work, I decided together with my wife in 2009 to start a gentle exit from working life. To do this, we wanted to start afresh in a different place that was far enough away so that work would not catch up with us straight away. After intensive research and information from friends who had lived in Tenerife for many years, we knew: The Canary Islands fit our ideas.

What were the most important motivations?

Firstly, a so-called “perpetual spring” awaits you there.

Being able to do all kinds of outdoor activities throughout the year was an absolute MUST for us. Especially as passionate motorcyclists, the idea of being able to ride every day was a weighty argument.

Secondly, you are and will continue to be in the European cultural area and, moreover, in the EURO currency area, which makes emigration or a second residence very uncomplicated.

Thirdly, the time difference is only 1 hour, so I could run my IT business remotely during normal working hours.

Fourthly: All this can be reached in only 4 hours by plane. A justifiable effort for us, especially as there are two low-cost airlines, Ryanair and Norwegian, which fly to the Canary Islands at close intervals. We should make ample use of this offer in the future.

On closer inspection, we then chose the most complete and versatile island for our needs: Tenerife!

And how it always goes… When you set your sights on something with a fixed goal, then something happens in life. And so we found our dream finca after only a short time. Another decisive factor was that the finca was only half an hour away from Tenerife Sur airport and was therefore ideally suited to my personal plan of being able to fly back to Germany every now and then at short notice.

Since July 2010, in time for my 50th birthday, we were now finca owners and a new life could begin.

It was a leap from the high-tech IT world into the originality of a Canarian farmhouse with a large garden. A lot was new, a lot was foreign, but it unfolded a magic that you soon didn’t want to miss. Even though I regularly visited Germany for professional reasons, I was always magnetically drawn to the “new home”.

written by peter